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Movable Stationery, the online magazine newsletter of The Movable Book Society

Following 25 years of the print-only quarterly newsletter created and edited by MBS founder, Ann Montenaro (Staples), I became the editor and art director with her retirement. Wishing to use the current technology available online, I redesigned the magazine using the services of to reimagine the newsletter as a full color, interactive magazine. Besides editing and art direction, I have also written a number of the articles, along with contributions from members like
Ellen G. K. Rubin, Paul Johnson, Ian Alcock, Roberta Brody, David Carter, and Guan Zhongping, among many others.

The new online format allows for large, colorful photos, the inclusion of videos, and hyperlinks, expanding the scope and breadth of the articles. Each quarterly issue also lists the newest pop-up releases.

See a sample issue here.

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